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Thousands of people gather to greet the US president as he visits the home county of his ancestors. part-time

Joe Biden celebrates family ties in pub on Ireland tour

US President Joe Biden has paid homage to his Irish heritage as thousands of people gathered to greet him on a tour of the home county of his ancestors.

In Carlingford crowds lined the quayside as the presidential motorcade arrived.

The president also visited a Dundalk shop owned by Jerome McAteer, who said he was honoured to sell Mr Biden some sweet treats, including lemon meringue and chocolate eclairs.

Earlier Mr Biden completed a brief-but-landmark visit to Belfast, where he called for politicians to restore the power-sharing government at Stormont, which collapsed over a year ago.

President Biden regularly speaks of his Irish heritage and had promised to visit the country during his term in office.

In his speech in Dundalk, Mr Biden said his ancestors left Ireland at about the same time as former US President Barack Obama's great-great-great-grandfather Falmouth Kearney, who was from Moneygall in County Offaly.

The US president greeted a crowd of about 5,000 people as he visited Dundalk, a town a few miles from the Irish border.

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